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June 1, 2022
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June 1, 2022
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Košice, the second largest (240000 inhabitants) city in Slovakia, is located in the eastern part of Slovakia, close to the Hungary (around 80 km from Miskolcz), Ukraine (100 km to Uzhgorod) and even Poland (260 km to Krakow). It is not only a center of steel industry (USS company) and numerous IT companies but also of cultural life (European Capital of Culture in 2013), sport (European city of sports in 2017, second oldest marathon in the world), high education and science (5 universities and 8 institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences) as well as popular tourist destination due to numerous architectural jewels of its Hlavná Street. Among them, special place belongs to St. Elizabeth's Cathedral - the Europe's easternmost gothic cathedral. Thanks to the cathedral and St. Michael's Chapel, Urban's Tower, the State Theatre and other palaces, churches and historical buildings, city center of Kosice belongs to the largest and the best urban reservations in Slovakia.



Conference venue

LMP2022 will be held in the aula of the Institute of Materials Research of SAS (ground floor of the main building) and in the conference room of the PROMATECH center. The Institute is located in the walking distance (20-35 min) from the city center near the main campus of Technical University of Košice and close to the Botanical Garden of P.J. Šafárik University. It is accessible also by bus (No. 19 from Train station, stop “Botanical garden” but also by busses No. 12, 55 and 18 from the other directions) and/or tram (No. 7, final stop).



How to get to Košice

Košice is easily accessible by plane, train, car or bus from Wien, Budapest, Prague or Cracow.

By car
  • Wien (Austria) - Bratislava – Trenčín - Žilina - Poprad Prešov - Košice (570 km, 5,5 hours, highway)
  • (Wien) - Bratislava – Trnava – Zvolen – Lučenec - Košice (450 km/5,6 hours, highway + 1.class roads)
  • (Wien) – Budapest (Hungary) – Miskolcz – Košice (490 km/5,5 hours, highway)
  • Kracow (Poland) - Košice (260 km/4,5 h, mostly 1.class roads, some highways)
By train
  • Wien/Prague/Bratislava – Žilina - Poprad - Košice (IC or regular trains; schedule at www.zsr.sk)
By air
  • direct flights from Wien/Schwechat to Košice
  • direct flights from Prague to Košice
By minibus
  • Budapest airport – Miskolcz – Košice (260 km/3,3 hours, highway)