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Conference program
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Wednesday, 29th May
Morning session
09:00 MecaNano workshop for registered participants (MecaNano members) MecaNano COST
Afternoon session
MecaNano special section
13:45 Opening
Properties at micro/nano scale MecaNano COST
14:00 Marc Legros
Micromechanical Assessment of Fracture Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel Grain Boundaries Oxidized in a Pressurized Water Reactor Environment
14:40 Szilvia Kalacska
Irreversible evolution of dislocation pile-ups during cyclic microcantilever bending
15:10 Stanislav Žák Nanoindentation with sub-surface particle sensing
15:30 Ronan Henry Multi-scale fracture testing of Ni-20Cr alloy printed by Laser Power Bed Fusion
15:50 Coffee break
Nanoindentation challenges MecaNano COST
16:15 Megan Cordill
A shallow jump in to how nanoindentation can be used effectively
16:45 Jiri Nohava Investigation of shape and area function of indenters in various states
17:05 Yvan Marthouret Indentation of rough surfaces
17:25 sponsors NenoVision
17:45 MTM
18:05 Alemnis
18:30 welcome toast and poster session

Thursady, 30th May
Morning session
Properties of surfaces, layers and particles I
08:30 Andreas Mortensen
Local mechanical properties of oxide inclusions
09:00 Sandor Lipcsei Micromechanical properties of MnO-SiO2-Al2O3 inclusions in iron
09:20 Davide Vacirca Boosting mechanical properties of thin film high entropy alloys through nanoengineering design strategies
09:40 Radek Musalek Local Cohesion of Splats in Hybrid Plasma Spray Coating as Observed by In-Situ Experiment
10:00 Šárka Houdková Wear behavior of selected HVOF sprayed WC-Cr3C2-M coatings under different types of mechanical loading
10:20 Coffee break
Properties of surfaces, layers and particles II Micromechanical testing of irradiated concrete
10:40 Guillaume Kermouche
On the use of nanomechanical testing to characterize transformations of materials induced by surface manufacturing processes  
11:10 Frantisek Lofaj The comparison of micromechanical properties of the compositionally complex transition metal nitride coatings deposited by different reactive sputtering techniques 11:10 Jiří Němeček
Fracture properties of Calcium-Silicate-Hydrates exposed to γ-irradiation and different relative humidities
11:30 Dávid Ugi Plastic instabilities and strain recovery in amorphous LiPON thin layer 11:40 Jiří Němeček Micromechanical characterization of γ-irradiated cement paste exposed to different relative humidity conditions
11:50 Thomas Lindner Surface functionalization in selective laser melted 17-4 PH by plasma polishing and interstitial diffusion hardening 12:00 Jan Procházka Optimization of FIB milling procedure for micromechanical testing of cement pastes
12:10 Aliasghar Najafzadehkhoee Contact damage of multi-material laminar ceramics: effect of layers architecture and residual stress 12:20 Ondřej Libera Nanomechanical properties of neutron irradiated concrete
12:45 Photo
13:00 Lunch
Afternoon session
Experimental challenges and coupled methods I Microeletronic materials
14:20 Benoit Merle
High strain rate persistence of the strength anomaly in L12 intermetallic compound Ni3Si evidenced by nanoindentation at elevated temperatures  
15:00 Mohammed Tahir Abba Experimental Progress in High Constant Strain Rate Nanoindentation 15:10 Kiran Mangalampalli
On the phase-engineered novel phase of Silicon
15:20 Thomas Chudoba Fatigue testing of coatings by using the dynamic capabilities of a nanoindenter  
15:40 Marcel Sos Nanoindentation methods for analysis of thermally activated processes at elevated temperatures 15:40 Swarnendu Banerjee 3D Tomography on Advanced Photovoltaic (PV) Structures – Examples of Good Practice
16:00 Renato Pero High Strain Rate Nanoindentation – Recent Advances and Perspectives 16:00 Sergio Sao Joao Multi scale in-situ micromechanical testing of Polymer Core Solder Ball (PCSB) coatings for BGA interconnections
16:20 Coffee break
Experimental challenges and coupled methods II
16:50 Péter Dusán Ispánovity Unraveling acoustic emission by coupling it to micromechanics
17:10 Antoine Ollivier High-resolution measurement of strain by tracking of nanoparticles
17:30 sponsors Anton Paar
17:50 Keyence
18:10 Jeol
19:00 Gala dinner (Lávka, Novotného lávka 201/1, 110 00, Praha 1)

Friday, 31st May
Morning session
Micromechanical testing of polymers
08:30 Jaroslav Lukes Comparison of Spherical Indentation Analysis for Soft Polymers in Bio Applications
08:50 Miroslav Šlouf Macro-, micro- and nanomechanical characterization of crosslinked polymers with very broad range of mechanical properties
09:10 Veronika Gajdošová Comparison of macroscale, microscale and nanoscale creep behavior of UHMWPE and PEEK polymers used in total joint replacements
09:30 Marina Melo de Lima Comparison of Berkovich and spherical tip indentation for determining the Young's modulus of polymer thin films encapsulated by a dielectric capping
09:50 Coffee break
Challenging materials
10:20 Tamás Csanádi The effect of crystal anisotropy on fracture toughness and strength of ZrB2 microcantilevers
10:40 Ali Talimian Scratch behavior of chemically tempered alkali borosilicate glass: measurements using Berkovich and conical indenter
11:00 Pavol Hvizdoš Nanohardness, fracture resistance, and enhanced wear resistance of dual-phase high-entropy carbide/boride ceramics
11:20 B. Erdem Alaca Understanding Intrinsic Stress Effects on Vibrational Response of Silicon Nanowires
11:40 Krishna Sarath Kumar Busi Understanding and validating the fracture behavior of damage tolerant diamond-metal laminates
12:00 Closing

List of Posters
Elisaveta Georgieva Kirilova Multi-parameter optimization of layered WS2-polymer nanocomposite under mechanical loading
Rayka Kirilova Vladova Parametric analysis for interface shear stress in MoS2/PET nanocomposite under thermo-mechanical loading
Magdalena Mrózek Addition of dental fillings with nanoparticles to improve their mechanical properties
Josef Daniel Effect of selected HVOF-sprayed coatings parameters on dynamic impact wear
Maroš Martinkovič Utilization of the Shear Test to measure the Local Mechanical Properties of Duplex Steels Welds
Pavel Kovačócy Influence of Laser Beam Welding Parameters on Local Mechanical Properties of Duplex Stainless Steel Joints
Bruno Passilly About the choice of the indenter to determine mechanical properties of superalloys by using high temperature microhardness tester
Radek Šlesinger Efficient mapping of mechanical properties using Gaussian processes
Michael Huszar Modulus estimation of polymers via nanoindentation – impact of surface roughness and peak force
Matej Kubiš Nanoindentation analysis of high fluence helium ion irradiated Eurofer 97 and ODS Eurofer steels
Wojciech Żórawski Mechanical Properties of Cold-Sprayed Ti-6Al-4V Coatings on Al 7075 Alloy
Jan Tomáštik A nanoindentation study of TiN films deposited using magnetron sputtering under various condition
Medard Makrenek A new approach to the properties of matter in terms of nanoindentation research on the example of selected materials
Jadranka Blazhevska Gilev Mechanical and thermal reinforcement of the polymer based graphene nanoribbon composites
Michal Krafka Changing the integrity of the material surface by combining Laser Surface Texturing and PVD Magnetron Sputtering technologies
Jaroslav Kovář Finite element analysis of the pile-up and correction of projected contact area
Wiktor Bednarczyk Solid solution strengthening of Zn-based alloys measured by micro-pillar compression
Petra Christöfl Nanoindentation creep behavior of UHMWPE and PEEK polymers used in total joint replacements
Aleš Materna Estimation of Mechanical Properties of Neutron-Irradiated 08Ch18N10T Steel from Hardness Testing
Vojtěch Schánilec AFM-in-SEM: Understanding mechanical properties of low dimensional materials
Zoltán Száraz Nano- and micromechanical testing of helium implanted reactor materials