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After the Conference....

Dear participants,

the Organizing committee of LMV2010 would like to thank you for your high level contributions and your active participation during the whole conference. The support of all exhibitors and sponsors of the conference, which was crucial for achieving the level of the provided services, is highly appreciated.
We hope that you were satisfied and the conference fullfilled your expectations.

To summarize it, the conference attended 92 participants. Scientific program of the conference was divided into 8 sections with the total number of oral presentations of 38 (including 2 invited lectures, 2 key note lectures, 5 commercial presentations and 28 regular presentations) and 58 posters. The posters competed in two categories: best poster and most applicable work. The winners are:

Best poster:

  • 1. R. Čtvrtlík, J. Morozova, Z. Zapletalová
    Effect of soft drinks on enamel mechanical properties
  • 2. R. Eichlerová, J. Lukeš, S. Konvičkova, P. Bradna
    Effect of lingth absorption on indentation modulus of dental composites
  • 3. M. Milosevic, V. Miletic, N. Mitrovic, Savic-Stankovic, T. Maneski
    Measurement of local deformation fields of dental composites using a 3D optical system
Most applicable work:
  • 1. M. Kašparová, F. Zahálka, Š. Houdková
    Evaluation of the shear strength of the thermally sprayed coatings
Congratulations to the winners once more!

The very last deadline for the submission of the written contributions for the review required for the publication of the proceedings in the Chemical letters is Nov. 30, 2010. The limit of 4 pages for the presentation and 2 pages for the poster were set. The guidelines for the paper preparation can be found at the website.

The website of the conference will be reorganized within reasonable time. The archive of LMV2010 will contain the program of the conference, presentations (after receiving author’s permission in pdf format) and conference photos.

The location of the conference LMV2011 is still under consideration and you will be informed about it at the LMV website homepage as soon as it is decided.

F. Lofaj
LMV2010 Organizing committee