Over the last decade, the LMP conferences have become a well-established forum in the field of testing local mechanical properties in wide range of materials.

The current LMP 2014 conference will discuss recent results of research and development in the field of materials engineering, experimental methods, modeling, etc., with the aim to characterize mechanical properties of materials from nano to micro/meso-scale.

Contributions on indentation and other methods for hardness and other local mechanical properties assessment, measurement of deformations and stresses, time-dependent properties with related microstructure analyses (TEM/SEM, AFM, FIB, etc.) regardless of material type (metals, ceramics, plastics, biomaterials, concrete, etc.) are welcome. The contributions related to global mechanical properties are out of the scope of the conference.


Academia Congress Centre SAS, Stará Lesná

The conference will take place at the Congress Center Academia in Stará Lesná, a mountain and skiing resort in the High Tatras. The Congress Center is situated around 2 km southwest from Tatranská Lomnica and 15 km from Poprad. Accommodation will be arranged directly at the Congress Center or in nearby hotels. For lectures, data-video projector will be provided.

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