The Local Mechanical Properties LMP2015

conference follows:

4. - 6. November 2015 in Liberec, Czech Republic

Dear participants and sponsors of LMP2014

The Organizing committee of LMV2014 would like to thank you for high level of your oral and poster presentations and your active work during the whole conference. The support of all sponsors of the conference, which was crucial for achieving the level of the provided services, is also highly appreciated. We hope that the presentations fullfilled your expectations and you were able not only to gain new knowledge but also make new contacts, find new friends and colleagues for collaboration and even to enjoy the social program.

The conference officially attended 88 participants from 7 countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany and France). Scientific program of the conference included 4 invited lectures, 17 oral presentations, 3 company presentations and 48 posters. The posters competed in three categories and the winners in the corresponding categories are:

  • Scientific content:
    T. Csanádi, Orientation dependent hardness and nanoindentation induced deformation mechanisms of WC crystals.
  • The most applicable work:
    J. Němeček, V. Králík, Local mechanical characterization of metal foams by nanoindentation
  • The most esthetical poster
    Z. Pramuková, M. Kašiarová, M. Precnerová, M. Hnatko, P. Šajgalík, Local mechanical properties of highly porous Si3N4 for trabecular bone replacement.

Congratulations to the winners once more!

The contributions from LMP 2014 will be published in a special issue of Key Engineering Materials by ttp publisher (Switzerland). Each participant will receive a password for the access at the publisher website at his e-mail address prior to Nov. 30, 2014. Each presenter has to submit the camera ready manuscript directly at the publisher website by Dec. 15, 2014. The page limits are 6 pages for the invited presentations, 4 pages for regular presentations and 4 pages for the posters. The guidelines for the manuscript preparation are available at the publisher’s website. The manuscripts will be reviewed and only the accepted works will be published in a special issue of KEM journal.

The location of the conference LMV2015 is under consideration and you will be informed about it at the LMP website homepage as soon as it is decided.

F. Lofaj
LMP2014 Organizing committee